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Self-lubricating spherical plain bearings are primarily intended for situations where a long life, free from maintenance and lubrication requirements, is desired. They are also used in parts of machines where lubrication would be difficult.
In the  WLFW INDUSTRIAL LLC self-lubricating spherical plain bearing a self-lubricating PTFE based liner is securely bonded to
the outer ring.
Therefore, lubrication, maintenance and inspection are necessary. As there is no oil staining, the bearing is always clean. It is particularly suitable where the load works in one direction only or where there is a low frequency of oscillating movement.
The inner ring is made of high carbon chromium bearing steel and its sliding surface is hard chromium plated.
Where higher pressures are involved, a special type of spherical plain bearing with a steel mesh reinforced liner is available. Please contact WLFW INDUSTRIAL LLC for details of this item.
Lubrication type spherical plain bearings feature sliding surfaces where both the inner and outer rings are steel. The outer ring has a single fracture for assembly. The absence of a fitting groove greatly increases the strength of the bearing.

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These bearings are particularly suited for subjection to impact loads or alternating loads. Both the inner and outer rings are manufactured from high carbon chromium bearing steel. After heat treatment and grinding, their surfaces are treated with a phosphate film, which renders them highly resistant to rust. Furthermore, their sliding surfaces are coated with molybdenum disulfide, which provides very effective lubrication of the bearing in its initial stage of operation. Both the inner and outer rings are provided with an oil hole, so that oil can be inserted either from the shaft or from the housing.


ymbols d = bearing bore diameter, nominal ∆dmp = single plane mean bore diameter deviation Vdp = bore diameter variation in a single radial plane Vdmp = mean bore diameter variation ∆Bs = deviation of a single width of the inner ring D = bearing outside diameter, nominal ∆Dmp = single plane mean outside diameter deviation VDp = outside diameter variation in a single radial plane VDmp = mean outside diameter variation ∆Cs = deviation of a single width of the outer ring ∆Ts = deviation of mean height of thrust spherical plain bearings

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